What Happened Was

by rhob cunningham



released October 7, 2019


all rights reserved


Track Name: Everywhere We Were
Some days I can do just fine
While away the hours
A walk'll shake away the pain
Tears I'll hide away

Now, I've run out of ivory
One was one too many towers
It's a common enough occurence
Open to starting again

It's a big, big word
More than victorious
More than discovery

Come sit near where the quiets sing
Lend and bend an eye to bring
The furthest things together
The closest of things apart

A big, big word
More than victorious
More than recovery
The colours'll blur everywhere we were
Track Name: Darknesses' Song
It might be said though it's not the case
You see beauty every place to counter darknesses endured
As if dark gets the final word

Speaking of a scale to score
We all weary scavengers fighting over resting places read it in each others face

We've been so devoted to magic, I'm giving one chance to reason.

Dancing long before the days
Darknesses were on display
When your lifetime eyelids close
You'll be dancing as your vision goes

Speaking of a score to scale
Burn the masks beneath the veil
Take your time while you keep apace
Reach for reason's bright embrace for

We've been so devoted to magic, I'm giving one chance to reason.
Track Name: Reunion
It was fine a day, it was fair to say
Fresh and calm and shimmering
We huddled in an unclaimed wood where a crowd had gathered
Winter's grip lays bare a barren scene
Leaving room for life to loose its coiling roots and careful steps weave a path together

May the bracken grow
May the ash be spun
From the darkest sky
May a brighter come
Fall a silent cry, call it reunion

It was fair a day, it was fine to say
Gentle water glistening
When others came it took some time to learn to call them brother
Some had painted faces, feathered hair
They spoke of life and love to spare
and the children laughed as they grey of hair shared their past endeavours

May the bracken grow
May the ash be ground
From the undertow
May your hand be found
Fall a silent cry, call it reunion.

Don't you ever give up on little notions you're making a difference.
Track Name: For The Depot
For The Depot

I met you of a morning
The sun upon Winetavern
Dead or sleeping,
looking pretty worse for wear
The only person passing
And partial to persuasion
You pined for help,
I called it in, faked a chair
You’d been this bold a fair while
And fared worse than this morning
You told me of
a coach that should have stretched you home

A battle raged internal
To fast or swipe a bottle
You wiped your face,
confessed to two you took today

With evidence rising,
efforts change.

The red that stained your clothing
For blood, I had mistaken
Spying your hands
you’d think mine never worked a day

Your mother, she’d adored you
Father died before you
He took his life
when you were just a kiddo
So help communes at Simon’s
And High Park if they’ll have you
You wished me well,
left me for the depot
With evidence rising,
efforts change
Track Name: The Curl
We never sleep under the stars
We only sleep amid them
You could call this a gutter
Don't make it a drain

No matter the count of the voices we are, it's a minuscule figure
Add it to the mouth-agog singer's stunned-silent refrain

You may find the answer in any corner of the world
Let the wall hold your head up to the curl
Easily consistent with any cause these stars surround
File your focus under found

Time won't wait you

Sure, it's a curious curved line
not unlike a horizon
Track Name: Keep Coursing
Oh Oxytocin, I hear you're a joke
Love you give is mirror and smoke
Limits you set and the boundaries you build
Forever unfulfilled
My dopamine, my displeasure displayed
Cutting me off with your guillotine blade
There's a time limit
Open the gates!
Bell chime!

I haven't felt love like this in such a long time
I forgot how to do it
Doors I thought were closed, you're knocking open
I haven't got lost like this in such a long time
I don't know where I'm going
Of course I'll keep the course, just keep coursing

Ask what you asked just a second ago
Why you've chosen?
And what you last sank an hour ago
What's your poison?
Did conditions mould you? Did your folks console you?
Did your helix-twist blink in the brilliant mist?

Oh, Oxytocin.

Doors I thought were closed, you're kicking open
Track Name: Take Tomorrow
You. You.

It won't be okay soon
Nor okay forever
But you make your time
You take your time

You're such a positive light
Don't miss a flicker
You're a breath form the lessons
The cold, cold litany

If you find asylum, you're home free
but a little cut from the world
I'll take tomorrow what it throws me
I have you to recover

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